Island Cove Condominium Resort is located in the town of Minocqua, Wisconsin. As you arrive in Minocqua, you will cross over Lake Minocqua onto the island town of Minocqua itself. Continue through town, across the land bridge and you are getting close. As you pass the Save More grocery store, keep a sharp eye out to your left and you will soon see our sign. Please find the list below as a reference of drive times to the Minocqua area from Midwestern cities:

From Chicago, IL
348 miles (approx. 5 hours, 41 mins.)

From Madison, WI
209 miles (approx. 3 hours, 29 mins.)

From Milwaukee, WI
276 miles (approx. 4 hours, 30 mins.)

From Green Bay, WI
162 miles (approx. 3 hours)

From La Crosse, WI
236 miles (approx. 4 hours, 5 mins.)

From Duluth, MN
163 miles (approx. 3 hours, 45 mins.)

From Minneapolis, MN
250 miles (approx. 4 hours, 15 mins.)

From Iron Mountain, MI
97 miles (approx. 2 hours, 4 mins.)

From St. Ignace, MI
291 miles (approx. 5 hours, 29 mins.)

From Detroit, MI
583 miles (approx. 9 hours, 46 mins.)

From Indianapolis, IN
533 miles (approx. 8 hours, 36 mins.)

From Dubuque, IA
304 miles (approx. 5 hours)